What our Social Media Ambassador team does

In order for the Chicago Justice Project team to effectively do our job, we need our Social Media Ambassadors to push the CJP word. Our research projects often come to very important conclusions. The public needs to know about our findings to make them known and relevant, which is where you come in. 

Our Social Media Ambassador team is aware of the information CJP is releasing and, with the help of the team lead, posts all information relevant to their personal social media accounts. All Ambassadors must familiarize themselves with the CJP vision, goals, and research findings. Ambassadors should be able to create new social media content in order to attract their following to the CJP word. They are encouraged to build rapport with potential followers and volunteers. Brainstorming ideas is very important and often encouraged. 

Position Requirements:

  • You must be familiar with at least one social media platform
  • Must have an account with at least one social medias platform
  • Ability to reach out to those unfamiliar with CJP to promote brand awareness and attract new supporters
Interested? Email our Nation Leads at [email protected].