Cops in Schools Project

For years, communities of color in Chicago and around the nation have been making their voices heard about the impact police officers in schools have on their children. With the events of last spring and summer those concerns rose to the forefront yet Chicago Public Schools officials, the Chicago School Board, and the Mayor of Chicago moved to keep officers in many of their schools.

Why CJP is interested in this topic

With this in mind, this project was designed to research all aspects of having police in schools so that CJP can publish evidence-based recommendations to raise the level of discourse on this topic and drive reforms.
This research will be broken in to 5 specific areas of concentration. Volunteers involved in this project will be involved with the following:
1. An academic literature review about cops in schools and what impact they have
2. A national scan of how other large cities have handled cops in schools in the past
3. A review of how other cities have or have not changed this practice since the events occurred in Ferguson, MO.
4. The history of cops in schools in Chicago Public Schools
5. A review of the current state of cops in schools in Chicago Public Schools

Items 2-5 will include a review of research reports produced by advocacy groups and nonprofit organizations like Black Lives Matter and other organizations which have been very vocal across the nation.

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