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The Chicago Justice Project provides interns with hands-on exposure to a broad range of subjects, from advocacy for data accessibility and transparency to policy and research. What sets the Chicago Justice Project apart from other transparency initiatives is our active involvement with the community. We are constantly on the lookout for enthusiastic and dedicated interns to support us in our endeavors.

Job Description

  • Conduct research on a variety of topics within the criminal justice system including gun violence in Chicago and how correctional institutions throughout the country make operational data available to the public
  • Work with policymakers on local and statewide issues regarding the criminal justice system and the Illinois Freedom of Information Act
  • Assist the Executive Director with tasks related to the general operations of the organization
  • Spend a small portion of their time researching funding opportunities for specific projects
  • All internships are virtual/remote
  • Our internships are unpaid


The Chicago Justice Project prefers that students take the internship for credit with their departments, but this is not mandatory.

Intern Qualifications

  • The student must possess good interpersonal skills and be comfortable interacting with a variety of people from different backgrounds.
  • They should have strong analytical skills as well as research skills and be proficient with Microsoft Office Products
  • Must be comfortable working independently
  • Previous experience working with large data sets a plus
  • The student should be interested in criminal justice, and previous knowledge of or experience with the criminal justice system is preferable


Interns are required to dedicate between 12-20 hours during the school year and between 16-24 hours during the Summer. Special accommodations can be made to fit the individual intern schedule if necessary.

Application Deadline

The Chicago Justice Project maintains a rolling deadline but prefers to have all interns start no later than the 2nd week of their semester or quarter.


To apply for an internship with the Chicago Justice Project, please do the following:

  • First, watch our informational video below
  • Second, watch the next video below that provides specific info about ongoing projects.
  • Third, fill out the signup form at the bottom of this page.

General Internship Informational Video

Ongoing Projects for New Project for Spring 2024

Should you have any technical difficulties or have any questions, reach out to our Nation Leads at [email protected]. Thank you.


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