Real Cost of the Chicago Police Department

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Join the Real Cost Group!
This group is conducting a comprehensive study on the real cost of the Chicago Police Department (CPD).
Based on a 2023 report that suggested that the real cost of CPD is well over
$1 billion more than the city details in their budgets, this group is doing a
deep dive into city budget documents to determine the real cost of the CPD
back to 2000. This will include costs associated with pension obligations, maintenance and purchase of new vehicles, and the costs associated with 
the upkeep and building of facilities.
By joining us, you will be part of a team dedicated to shedding light on the true financial implications of our city’s law enforcement. Your work will contribute to a greater understanding of our city’s budget and the allocation of its resources.
Don’t miss this chance to make a difference in our community. Apply today and help us uncover the truth about the cost of the CPD!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our Nation Leads at [email protected]

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